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Is your child a Willy Wonka wannabe? Maybe they fancy themselves the next John Whaley (our own master Chocolatier)? If so, Chocolate Works has the party setting for them. Kids will undoubtedly enjoy this fun, creative, and interactive party experience where they get to become a "Chocolatier for the day". Kids will have the party of their "sweet dreams" as they are allowed to mold and decorate their own, one of a kind chocolate creations.

"Time Out New York Kids" has recognized chocolate works as one of the “best new birthday experiences in the city”.

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birthday party

Are you the parent of a pint size Picasso? A mini Modigliani? Maybe Jackson Pollack is more their thing? Then we invite you to register your child for one of our workshops and let them use chocolate as their creative medium. Our classes provide wonderful opportunities for promising chocolatiers to show off their artistic potential and break into the chocolate making "scene", while molding and designing their own chocolate without any of the stresses and pressures of a school. It's the best of all worlds, an entertaining education, without any mess for you.

Chocolate Works pulls back the curtains and lets you in on the magic of the chocolate-making process.

ladies night/book clubs / bachelorette

Ladies and (if you wish to bring them along) Gentleman, we invite you to join us for our adults only unforgettable chocolate workshops. It is a truly magical experience for every chocoholic, as we invite you into our factory to immerse yourself in our chocolate world (sorry - taking a dip in our vat of melted chocolate is not allowed). Pique your chocolate making curiosity with one of our signature adult classes. Designed to spark creative conversation and fun for all, we specialize in hands on events that encourage participants to make and enjoy delicious treats, while enjoying the rare opportunity of a relaxing night out.

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