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Our Story

since 1973

Belgian Chocolate

Celebrating life with chocolate

Continuing the Legacy

The Chocolate Works mission is to “Create happiness one chocolate smile at a time.” This vision came to life in 1973 when John Whaley followed his heart’s passion and opened 5th Avenue Chocolatiere.

His son, Joe founded Chocolate Works to continue the tradition of hand crafting chocolates and to create stores where everyone discovers a love for chocolate-making.

Mastering Perfection

Our master chocolatiers start their creations using heirloom recipes and the freshest ingredients to hand mold and dip specialty chocolates.

Developed through years of experience, these chocolate artists use their creativity to create one-of-a-kind sweet delights for consumers the world over. It’s the attention to the finest detail that make these chocolates as beautiful as they are delicious.

Sharing Sweetness

It takes a special gift to show someone special you truly care. Adding those personal touches is what Chocolate Works is all about. Every day, we create one-of-a-kind chocolate masterpieces that will sweeten the day and warm the heart.

Making Jr. Chocolatiers

The fountain is flowing and the fun never ends at Chocolate Works stores. We invite children from 1 to 100 to create and decorate their very own tasty work of art. The hands-on experience with chocolate-making machines lets your imagination soar. Put on an apron and dive into a world where sweet dreams do come true.

Crafting Memories

Your Chocolate Works gift will be the talk of your friends and family long after they have finished indulging in the masterfully created Belgian confections. It’s always the perfect time to sweeten someone’s day, -- or treat yourself. We invite you to select your perfect assortment of tantalizing confections that can only be found at Chocolate Works.