Shipping Sweetness

All of our chocolate is homemade, so getting it to you as fresh as possible, requires special attention. Due to the fact that your chocolate shipment may go through several shipping hubs in various regions before reaching its final destination, we have a few shipping conditions that apply to all orders. Your order, placed Monday thru Thursday, will usually be processed within one business day, except during busy holiday seasons (i.e., Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day).


We can only schedule shipping for delivery Monday through Friday, and not on weekends or holidays. This is done to avoid products being stored in a non-climate controlled shipping facility over the weekend. Please do not select a delivery date for the weekend or a holiday. Orders with requested weekend delivery dates will be held until the following Monday. If you are ordering after 1 p.m. EST on a Thursday, or any time on Friday, please note that these orders will be processed on the following Monday. This is to ensure your product arrives in the best condition quality. In order to ensure that your package of sweetness arrives in time for any given holiday, please place your order by NOON EST at least 3 business days (not including Friday) prior to the actual holiday.

The chart below represents the estimated time in transit based upon UPS' shipping specifications for continental U.S.

If ordered by 1:00pm EST on Monday If ordered by 1:00pm EST on Tuesday If ordered by 1:00pm EST on Wednesday If ordered by 1:00pm EST on Thursday If ordered by 1:00pm EST on Friday If ordered by 1:00pm EST on Saturday If ordered by 1:00pm EST on Sunday
Shipped Via Next Day Air Wednesday Thursday Friday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday
Shipped Via 2 Day Air Thursday Friday Monday Wednesday Thursday Thursday Thursday
Shipped Ground 2-5 Business Days 2-5 Business Days 2-5 Business Days 2-5 Business Days 2-5 Business Days 2-5 Business Days 2-5 Business Days

Warm Weather

All of our products are sensitive to weather conditions.* To deliver superior sweetness all year, we take a few precautions. First, we determine that your order might not arrive in an ideal condition if we ship in the manner you have selected, we fulfill your order and ship it by the best means possible. In addition, when we ship to destinations over 70º or during the warm weather months we will require you to ship Next Day Air via UPS. Finally, during the warmer months, there is an additional summer handling fee for insulated cooling materials added to your shipping container to protect the chocolates from the outside warm temperatures.

We are committed to excellence, and to make sure that your package arrives perfectly despite the weather.

*Chocolate Works is not responsible for delivery delays caused by adverse and/or unpredictable weather conditions.

Errors in Placing Your Order

The details of your name, billing address, shipping address and mode of payment are critical. We cannot be responsible for errors in information that is provided to us. Costs resulting from such errors will be charged to you, including UPS charges for return or redelivery of your package. The accuracy of the shipping information you provide is crucial to make sure that your delivery is prompt. This ensures that our customers can enjoy our products for the full extent of their shelf life. Chocolate Works cannot be held responsible for returns caused by incomplete or erroneous delivery instructions.

Where is my order?

When you place your order through our website, you will receive an email at the email address you registered with confirming your order and on the evening that your package(s) ships out from our warehouse or store location. This email will contain the tracking number for the package(s). If you have any problems or concerns, please call us at (516) 868-8070 or email us at

How much do you charge for shipping?

Chocolate Works ships all packages from Freeport, NY. Shipping costs depend on the delivery location of your gift as well as your selected method of shipment. You can calculate your shipping costs at the checkout page prior to placing your order.

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

Yes. We accept orders to P.O. Box and to APO/FPO addresses. However, we cannot offer Next Day Air Shipping option for these types of addresses.

Can I ship internationally?

Yes. We ship internationally via UPS Worldwide.  We currently do not have an international shipping option at checkout; however, the Customer Service team will work with you to determine delivery details to your intended destination and the associated fees.  Contact a representative at (516) 868-8070 or   We cannot guarantee any internationally shipped packages due to delays in Customs.  

Can I specify a delivery date for my order?

No.  Our online system/shopping cart does not accept exact shipping and delivery dates.  If you need a gift to arrive around a specific date, please contact us directly at (516) 868-8070 or email us at  Customer Service representatives will provide you the required shipping method to meet your delivery date.

Why was my order upgraded from Ground shipping to 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air?

To ensure your chocolate does not melt in transit when sent to a warm location, your order will be upgraded to 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air via UPS.  We want to make sure your chocolates arrive in perfect condition.  

Why did my Express Shipping order not arrive when I expected?

Expected shipping times are based upon when your order leaves our facility. For example, if 2nd Day Air is chosen your order will be delivered on the second business day after it leaves our shipping dock. Although we make every effort to ship as quickly as possible, we cannot guarantee same-day shipping.  

Can I use my own FedEx or UPS shipper number to ship my order?

No. We are not currently able to charge shipments to other FedEx or UPS account numbers.

How do I track my order?

When you place your order, you will receive an email confirmation on the evening that your package(s) ship from our warehouse or store location. This email will contain the tracking number for the package(s). If you need any additional information, please contact a Customer Service representative at (516) 868-8070 or email